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HVAC Zoning System | Baltimore Metro | Advanced Heating & Cooling

Tired of heating or cooling an unused space in your Baltimore metro area home? An HVAC zoning system is your answer.

An HVAC zoning system allows you to set specific temperatures for different areas of your house. Using a damper system, your HVAC unit sends conditioned are only to the spaces where it’s needed, allowing you to save money because the system isn’t working to condition the whole house all the time.

Here are a couple examples of how it works.

You have a multi-story home and it’s always warmer upstairs than down. With a zoned system, you don’t have to deal with feeling the temperature change as you change floors. Simply set each floor to its own comfortable temperature and enjoy!

Your children have moved out and you rarely use their rooms anymore. If you have rooms you’re not using, you can set their zone to a baseline temperature that uses less energy and saves on your heating and cooling costs.

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Why Choose Advanced

We are Master MD licensed and insured HVAC contractors with certifications from NATE and IGSHPA. Our factory trained technicians are educated in all industry changes and LEED accredited to ensure that your HVAC zoning system meets energy efficiency guidelines. We know that every home must be comfortably cooled and we make it our goal to be the company you rely on for your cooling needs.